BREEZE started as a few sketches in the notebook of songwriter, producer, and engineer Josh Korody (BELIEFS / NAILBITER). Their dream-pop sound took form soon after with collaborators and friends Kyle Connolly (THE SEAMS, WISH) and Shawn Dell joining the band. After a few weeks of rehearsals, the three went into Korody’s Candle Recording Studio in Toronto’s west-end with producer Leon Taheny (Owen Pallet / Austra / Death From Above) to record a full length record in 2013. Breeze assembled a line up that included bassist Dustin Hawthorne (Hot Hot Heat / Operators), before Josh and Kyle focused on their other projects.

Hand Drawn Dracula is pleased to start 2018 with the release of Breeze’s debut album entitled “Record” on December 29th 2017.

“dreamweaver Josh Korody opens the perceptual door, and leads us on a stroll through the poppy field. White sneakers, splattered with the romantic muck of teenage nostalgia, disembodied now, tread the bent stems. And as we gaze at them, they become conductors, gorging on static, free floating sole-up atop the interference. Faces smear in your peripherals as your eyelids flicker like bat wings. No one’s smiling, but everyone feels fine.” – WEIRD CANADA

“Low-key, Cure-influenced Dream Pop from members of Dusted, Gold & Youth and Hot Hot Heat” – SILENT SHOUT

“a dreamy track, perfect escape from realizing that summer is almost over” – RIDE THE TEMPO

“dreamy melodies ~ hazy affairs ~ back porch beers ~ blissed out drives ~ hearts pumping” – HEROHILL

“dreamy – almost psychedelic instrumentation ~ music that makes for backseat make-outs” – PLAID MAG

“hazy, shimmering guitars that sparkle in the sunshine, warm enough to take the chilly bite out of a late summer night” – QUICK BEFORE IT MELTS


PHOTO by Laura Lynn Petrick
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1. Repent
2. Please
3. Paradise (In Awhile)
4. Dolls
5. Bruised Skin
6. Stumbling
7. Missing
8. Strange Waves
9. Dorothy Vallens
10. Pillow

HDD063  · RELEASE DATE: December 29, 2017

“NEW & NOTABLE – Delightful, freewheeling noise pop where clouds of guitar encircle heavenly, far off vocals” – DAILY BANDCAMP

“Breeze’s dreamy debut cassingle is a siren song from rose-tinted utopia. Running, or dancing, it inspires oscillatory movement, limbs pumping with ecstatic strokes, and a meter that reverberates throughout” – WEIRD CANADA

“extra jangly, à la Real Estate” – EXCLAIM!

Recorded by Leon Taheny at Candle Recording.
Mixed by Josh & Kyle 2012-2013.
Produced by Josh Korody.
Written by Josh Korody, Kyle Connolly, Shawn Dell
Songs-Lyrics Written by Josh Korody,
except “strange waves” by Kyle Connolly

Josh Korody – Vocals, Guitars
Kyle Connolly – Lead Guitar, Bass, Vocals on “Strange Waves”
Shawn Dell – Drums, Keyboards

Robyn Phillips sings on “Dorothy Vallens”
Kristina Koskinen plays flute on “Pillow”
Photo by Josh Korody
Art Design by James Mejia




1. Paradise (in a while)
2. Repent

HDD019  · RELEASE DATE: September 11th, 2012

Limited run of 100 cassettes worldwide on white shell w/ digital.

“Paradise (in a while) – Song of the week” – HARTZINE

Breeze is the dream-pop side project of BELIEFS‘ Josh Korody. HDD is releasing the digital single “Paradise (in a while)” / “Repent” as a limited pressing of 100 cassette tapes with photography by Laura Lynn Petrick.


1. Dolls

HDD027  · RELEASE DATE: August 20th, 2013

“Get carried away by the propulsive bass line and shimmering guitars while watching the video for new single ‘Dolls’” – THE LINE OF BEST FIT

“Video of the Week” –  HARTZINE

Recorded by Leon Taheny at Candle Recording.
Mixed by Josh & Kyle 2012-2013.
Produced by Josh Korody.
Written by Josh Korody, Kyle Connolly, Shawn Dell.
Songs-Lyrics Written by Josh Korody.
Photo by Laura-Lynn Petrick.

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