JOSH REICHMANN / DOPES has built a small canon of work over the course of the last few years, releasing records with the post-punk romance band TANGIERS, and more recently as a solo artist. His reinvention and foray into strange frontiers has been documented in two LPs, and a handful of EPs and singles. From the stripped-down psychedelic song writing to his personal and revelatory-lyrical narratives, Josh’s experimentations in outsider pop are the underpinnings and backbone of his songwriting and production – A production and style that has garnered him national and international acclaim, among others in Dazed and Confused, Fader, XLR8R, and Pitchfork.

After Live sees Josh Reichmann move into a synth and atmospheric direction that echoes bygone eras of sentiment and simplicity. This is shamanic dream pop with industrial roots, and a vision of raw dance music for the city life. Underground house, early techno, 90’s east-coast underground hip hop, California sunshine ballads, Leonard Cohen, and Wings are all summoned.

Written and produced with Steve Singh in Toronto, Josh wrote and played all the instruments over a year’s time. Josh Reichmann is also in the synth/prog/heavy freak project DESERTS with Sebastien Grainger (DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979).

After Live cd assembled by hand and printed on uncoated 18pt 100% Recycled C1S paperboard. iPhone photography by Josh Reichmann. Package design by James Mejia.

“Releasing his strongest set of songs since Tangiers’ debut LP, After Live is both wildly individualistic and inspired by a thousand college rock heroes before him – This is pretty impressive” – EXCLAIM!

“After Live is a striking collection of dark, forward-thinking pop music that might just be his best work yet” – NNNN / NOW

“More weirdness now from Josh Reichmann – “After Live” album of mentally askew pop” – DROWNED IN SOUND

“Josh Reichmann is stupidly prolific and kind of a mad genius – David Bowie circa Heroes or maybe even Scary Monsters is a definite background presence on Berlin-black electro-rock outings – Marc Bolan emulating the Velvets’ Loaded (or vice versa), the work of Richard Hell in an unusually jaunty mood. For all the cool-cat reference points past, though, Reichmann’s scattered vision gathers it all together with a character that’s utterly his own” – THE STAR

“A Stomping, sparkling sci-fi popscape that hits like a kiss from a starman you suspect is full of shit but still dig for his dance moves.” – SPIN




1. After Live
2. All Day Wrong
3. People Fade Away
4. Track 04
5. Burning Books
6. Wildly Waiting
7. Empty Purse
8. Florida
9. Florida ll

digital bonus
All Day Wrong (Sebastien Grainger Remix)

HDD013  · RELEASE DATE: May 17th, 2011

CD assembled by hand and printed on uncoated 18pt 100% Recycled C1S paperboard. iPhone photography by Josh Reichmann. Package design by James Mejia.

“[After Live] is all about synthetic, folkloric, body-horror-rocking strangeness – imagine 30 minutes on mushrooms with loops of Leonard Cohen’s “The Future” in one ear, elec­tro remixes of Bauhaus’ “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” in the other and eyes glued to Bob Dylan’s Don’t Look Back on a blood-soaked screen” – THE MIRROR

“After Live is an atmospheric wonder that should go down as one of the summer’s most rigourously inventive & downright mystifying records” – THE GRID

Burning Books is a blast of pure sunshine, and Empty Purse might be my favorite post-Tangiers song he’s written, but there aren’t any low points on After Live. Considering how many records feel like superfluous padding for good idea, a front-to-back success shouldn’t be overlooked.” – HEROHILL

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