Ben Rayner, Toronto, June 10, 2014.

My pal James Meija has been running this little label out of Toronto called Hand Drawn Dracula for a few years now, and I fucking love everything it releases. I really do. In a very short time, HDD has established itself as one of those imprints whose (very cool) logo on the back cover of a record (or a cassette in this case, I guess) is an instant signifier of carefully curated quality. You want to snap up every single thing Hand Drawn Dracula puts out because, put quite simply, Hand Drawn Dracula has demonstrated – again and again and again, right from the beginning – that Hand Drawn Dracula has immaculate taste in music.

From the neo-shoegazer sparkle of Beliefs, Bishop Morocco, Breeze and Praises to the nascent, battering-ram rock-god-isms of Cousins and Greys to the starry-eyed, psychedelic mysticism of Bruce Peninsula and By Divine Right to the warring muscularities and vulnerabilities demonstrated by Holy Fuck’s Brian Borcherdt in his solo and Dusted guises, Hand Drawn Dracula has consistently championed the right stuff for the right, honest, love-of-the-game reasons.

Time, hindsight and the judgement of pop history will be very kind to Hand Drawn Dracula, mark my words. It might not have reached the masses just yet, and maybe never will, but that’s just fine. The people who have picked up on its output to date have likely already discovered a record or two they’ll carry with them to the grave. I know I have. And yet I still suspect, to invoke a very tired cliché, that the best is yet come.

Ben Rayner

Hand Drawn Dracula (HDD) is a Toronto based indie record label founded by friends ~ working with friends in the Canadian music scene. We present every HDD release, event and project with respect, hard work, and in co-ordination with the artist. We also focus on package design and encourage the physical format. You can buy HDD music in our webstore, or request our artists at your local indie shop and/or your local indie venue.

Past and present HDD rtists include Beliefs, Bishop Morocco, Bonnie Trash, Breeze, Brian Borcherdt, By Divine Right, Chastity, Contrived, Cousins, Deliluh, Dermabrasion, Deserts, Doomsquad, Dusted, Etiquette, Fake Palms, Fresh Snow, His Clancyness, Josh Reichmann, Julie Fader, Little Girls, Mimico, Michael Peter Olsen, Nailbiter, No Joy, Ora Cogan, OtIR, Postdata, Praises, Prince Josh, Sahara, The Seams, Tallies, Tasseomancy, Tess Parks, Wintersleep, Wish, Vallens, Yi, Young Guv. HDD Projects include Black Moth Super Rainbow, Holy Fuck, Shugo Tokumaru, & Milkin’ It Nirvana Tribute.

Founder / GM / Art Director: James Mejia
Distribution: OUTSIDE / REDEYE
Social Media: Instagram / Twitter / Facebook / Youtube / Threads / Tik-Tok

Hand Drawn Dracula Shipping Policy
All purchases through our online store are shipped through Canada Post using the greatest cost savings option. Items are shipped weekly, but depending on the item (CD vs. LP) and the location, the shipping time can vary. Please contact us at info@handdrawndracula.com for any enquiries regarding shipment orders. If you want to receive your order more quickly, please contact us prior to ordering and indicate how quickly you would like to receive your order so we can provide you with an accurate cost and shipping timeline. Reducing shipping costs is important to us! If you would like to order a large product shipment, please contact us so that we can provide an accurate cost for shipping. Please note that products shipped to or purchased from outside of Canada may not be used in Canada under any circumstances. Unauthorized reproduction, copying and rental of Hand Drawn Dracula recordings is prohibited by law.

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