Renowned for his visionary prowess in directing, photography, and music production, ROBERT ASCROFT‘s journey epitomizes the transformative power of creativity. Hailing from Rochester, New York, Robert’s upbringing, steeped in his mother’s musical heritage and his father’s work with Kodak, foreshadowed his destined immersion in the realms of creativity. Emerging as a prominent figure in the 2000s, he forged his path through collaborations with luminaries of the Oscars, Grammys, Tonys, and Emmys.

Expanding upon his talents in the visual realm, Robert has delved deeper into songwriting and music production. A classically trained guitarist turned music producer, he weaves intricate melodies and evocative songwriting style that embodies his cinematic narratives. Often inspired to compose music for the projects he is directing, Robert seamlessly blends visual and auditory elements to create immersive experiences.

The collaborative debut single, “Faded Photograph” featuring Ruth Radelet of Chromatics, offers a ethereal blend of synth-based Dream Pop and introspective lyrics. Ascroft’s directorial vision shines through in the music video, channeling classic Sci-Fi elements to complement the song’s nostalgic charm. Together both sonically and visually, Ascroft and Radelet breathe life into “Faded Photograph,” infusing it with timeless appeal and cinematic splendor. Released May 31st 2024 worldwide via Hand Drawn Dracula. Music video & photographs by Robert Ascroft.


“a haunted psychedelic swirl – very pretty, and it’s got a fun Ascroft-directed video that stars Radelet as a Barbarella-type B-movie queen” – STEREOGUM

“timeless appeal and cinematic splendor” – NORTHERN TRANSMISSIONS

“Radelet’s dreampop world” – BROOKLYN VEGAN

“beautifully warm and endearing” – FLEX

“moody and nostalgic ” – DESTROY EXIST

“nostalgic charm infused with a timeless appeal” – TECCO APPLE

“one of the most endearing songs we have heard all year” – FILTER

NO JOY announce USA Tour dates and an in-studio performance at The Best Show with Tom Scharpling.

05.28 Tune In – The Best Show Twitch TV
05.29 Los Angeles CA – Non Plus Ultrala w/ Donzii, Lauren Lakis
05.31 McGill NV – Schellraiser Fest w/ Miki Berenyi Trio, Besnard Lakes, Mercury Rev
06.01 Las Vegas NV – The Usual Place w/ Headwinds, Mutual

Wait To Pleasure (10th Anniversary Edition) : BANDCAMP // SPOTIFY // APPLE // VARIOUS

Toronto death rockers DERMABRASION share their new video for album standout track “Grim Sister” and announce a run of Irish tour dates in Dublin, Cork and Belfast. The band’s debut full-length Pain Behaviour, produced with Josh Korody (Fucked Up, Breeze, Beliefs, Traitrs), released worldwide via Hand Drawn Dracula.

New Faves – strong contender for album of the year” – EXCLAIM! MAGAZINE



Dermabrasion IE/UK:
May 22 – Dublin, Ireland – Fibber Magees Basement w/ Joe Maxi
May 24 – Cork City, Ireland – Fred Zeppelin
May 31 – Belfast, Ireland – Union Bar w/ Franklin, Funeral Rose

MICHAEL PETER OLSEN shares “Sweet Meet” & “Sweat Equity” Live from Wavelength Music Series at the Brothers Dressler Studio with locational surround sound by Adamson Systems. Performed by Michael Peter Olsen (electric cello), alaska B (percussion, synths), Owen Pallett (violin), and Shawn Chiki (digital performance). “Narrative Of A Nervous System” is out now via Hand Drawn Dracula.

Narrative Of A Nervous System: STREAM // VINYL

Toronto death rockers DERMABRASION share their latest single, “Psychic Event,” via FLOOD MAGAZINE. The band’s debut full-length Pain Behaviour, produced with Josh Korody (Fucked Up, Breeze, Beliefs, Traitrs), is out January 26th via Hand Drawn Dracula.

“There’s references to skin, flesh, or body on almost every song on Pain Behaviour, but ‘Psychic Event’ is the fleshiest,” explains McGouran. “A misquote from an adaptation of a Ballard novel provides the name, the intersections of sainthood and suffering provide the meat and bones. Taking inspiration from Videodrome and Tassaert’s painting The Temptation of Saint Hilarion, this song is somewhat of the record’s thesis statement. A meditation on an obsession with the body—one’s own, another’s, positive or negative. The track’s textured tones and slower, more subdued tempo help ensure maximum brooding and ruminating.” – DERMABRASION

“a timeless classic which will span many generations to come – early contender for my album of the year” – ALBUM OF THE WEEK / LOUDER THAN WAR

“If an atmospheric goth rock record is what they wanted, they were ridiculously successful. 9/10” – CULT MTL

“Interview: Pain Behaviour is definitely the knock out blow” – COLORISING

“Interview: That One Song” – BIRTHDAY CAKE FOR BREAKFAST

“ain Behaviour chews up and spits out sonic motifs across 10 tracks” – KOOLROCK RADIO

“Playlisted: superb debut album, Pain Behaviour” – GET IN HER EARS

“a solid and distinct statement of arrival … Recommended” – I DIE YOU DIE

“Like peers in sounds and style Drab Majesty and Boy Harsher … only the truly sensitive can screech sermons so solipsistically salvational. Listen up.” 5/5 REVIEWMUSIC NEWS

“a moody mix of the Sisters Of Mercy and Bauhaus, topped with Siouxsie Sioux vocals. That’s no mean feat…” – CLASSIC ROCK MAGAZINE

“for those who like goth rock scintillatingly intense, brimming with electronic percussion and only just on the right side of horrifying” – ISSUE110ELECTRONIC SOUND MAGAZINE

“debut album runs the gamut from industrialist new wave to punky death rock – invoke the abrasive history of hardcore” – FLOOD MAGAZINE


See Dermabrasion live:
March 14 – Toronto ON – BSMT 254 w/ Sundowner, Kleener, Oil Giant
March 15 – London ON – Holy Diver w/ Sundowner, Mononegatives, Goon
March 16 – Hamilton ON – Vertigogo w/ Sundowner
April 06 – Sudbury ON – The Townehouse w/ Only God Forgives
April 17 – Toronto ON – Houndstooth – Secret Show
April 26 – Montreal QC – La Sotterenea
April 27 – Sarnia ON – Maud’s Variety w/ Empty Fest
April 28 – Toronto ON – Velvet Underground w/ Vision Video
May 11 – Toronto ON – St Anne’s Parish w/ Breeze

MICHAEL PETER OLSEN, the acclaimed musician known for his innovative compositions, has unveiled his latest sonic creation, “NightBikes.” Drawing inspiration from the clandestine world of late-night motorcycle racing during the early days of the pandemic, Olsen captures the late night haziness of drifting in and out of sleep through his distinctive altered pitch-shifted electric cello sounds.

“NightBikes” paints a vivid picture of the frenetic streets juxtaposed with moments of serene contemplation. Despite its brevity, the song leaves a lasting impression, immersing audiences in its enigmatic atmosphere.

Complementing Olsen’s evocative composition is the stunning visual interpretation by director Ali Caladine. The accompanying video delves into a poignant narrative of summer melancholy and the ache of a breakup, weaving together themes of late-night introspection and pandemic-induced exhaustion.”

“Nightbikes” is a bonus outtake from the “Narrative Of A Nervous System” album session, which was released October 27th, 2023 via Hand Drawn Dracula Records.


Toronto death rockers DERMABRASION share their new single, “Magic Missile,” the third track from Pain Behaviour, the band’s debut full-length coming out via Hand Drawn Dracula on January 26th. Following “Goblin Dance,” released late last year, the single offers another example of their collaboration with producer Josh Korody (Fucked Up, Breeze, Beliefs, Traitrs).

Toronto director Shelby Wilson (The Straight Ball (2022), We Need To Talk About Diseases (2022)) produced and directed the video that features a cast in handmade masks at a foreboding garage sale. While the video takes loose inspiration from the 2008 performance art piece The Price Master, the pathetic fallacy on the rainy, single-day production in May 2022 was simply fate.

Pain Behaviour chews up and spits out sonic motifs across 10 tracks that piece together a collection of influences reflecting the years both musicians have spent skulking around their city’s nightlife. The full pastiche of the band’s ersatz dogma is best demonstrated in the wicked anthem heralding the album’s halfway point, “Magic Missile.” Over a thunderous kick drum and snare hits that crack like a whip, the query curls like smoke: When the gods falter, what size are the faults?

“the wicked anthem, Magic Missile – Over a thunderous kick drum and snare hits that crack like a whip” – CIRCUIT SWEET

“Dermabrasion share new single & video ‘Magic Missile'” – SHE MAKES MUSIC

“Creators of brooding gothic anthems that rumble with discontent” – FIVE FAVOURITES / GET IN HER EARS

“a heavy sonic blow that crushes anything in its path” – COLORISING

“Evil and menacing … exciting and explosive!” – INDIE FOR BUNNIES

“a grimy gothic punk soundtrack” – EXCLAIM!

“far more pure riffage and weighty undercarriage than we ever got from the Bay Area post-hardcore/goth nexus decades back” – I DIE YOU DIE

“Dermabrasion sound like some macabre approximation of Siouxsie & the Banshees going on an acid binge with Locust Abortion Technician-era Butthole Surfers” – BEATS PER MINUTE

“The Best New Music” – CRACK MAGAZINE

“CHART: Best New Music” – KERRANG!



See Dermabrasion live:
12th Jan – Toronto CA – The Monarch / Class of 2024 Series

Hand Drawn Dracula 15 Year Anniversary and EXCLAIM Interview:

Before there was the label, there was the aesthetic. James Mejia, Toronto indie label Hand Drawn Dracula’s founder, was a graphic desinger, whose work with Wintersleep had earned him a JUNO Awards nomination for Recording Package of the Year — a success that snowballed into work with other big-name Canadian artists.

Eventually this led Mejia to release Wintersleep’s 2007 album Welcome to the Night Sky on vinyl at a time when other labels weren’t pressing on wax — and, with that, Hand Drawn Dracula was born.

Flash forward 15 years and the Toronto label has become a Canadian indie music institution. As the company marks the anniversary with a show at the Garrison on December 15 (with a lineup featuring Beliefs, Tallies, Bonnie Trash, Michael Peter Olsen and DJ Vallens), we spoke with Mejia about watching the Breeders from side-stage, hearing his own voice on a Beliefs record, and figuring out how to run an indie label without losing all his money (or his mind). ~ By Alex Hudson



Hand Drawn Dracula 15 Year Anniversary
The Garrison, Friday December 15th

BREEZE are back with their highly anticipated album, “Sour Grapes,” set to release December 8, 2023 through Hand Drawn Dracula Records. The album delivers a distinctive 90s-inspired sound that explores the complexity of relationships and builds upon the brit-pop new-wave sound that garnered critical acclaim for their 2021 release, “Only Up,” praised by the likes of CBC MusicStereogum, and NPR.

“Sour Grapes” represents an exciting direction for Breeze, capturing the essence of their evolution as a band. Originally a solo project helmed by renowned producer Josh Korody (known for his work with Tess ParksDilly DallyFucked UpWeaves), Breeze has since transformed into a five piece following their debut performance on KEXP Live At Home Session. The album was recorded and meticulously crafted by Korody at his Candle Recording studio, with additional recording at Hotel 2 Tango alongside Shae Brossard, and mastering by Mark Gardiner (of RIDE) at OX4Sound studio.

Breeze showcases their versatility with “Have You Ever Suffered,” an exploration of lo-fi beats and electronic post-punk blending into a raw and energetic composition. Korody’s poetic prowess builds with the intensity of the band’s powerful percussion. Breeze “Sour Grapes” is nostalgic, bittersweet, and an essential end-of-year offering.

The pace and vibrant energy carries through on “Ready For Love” with Korody’s emotive vocal pleas tugging at heartstrings while the cascading rhythm effortlessly sways the dance floor, evoking the bravado of Fontaines D.C. and the melancholy of The Human League. Recorded by the band at Montreal’s Hotel2Tango, the track was written by keyboardist James Kearns while sick with COVID then taken to a dramatic new level in the studio.

Mark Gardener describes album closer “Heart Attack Waiting To Happen” as a “dance floor banger” and a personal favorite from the album. The track seamlessly blends acid-house influences, commencing with a modest synth patch and building into a dark electro jam born out of a spontaneous studio session and showcases Breeze’s ability to create a euphoric, high-energy indie-rave experience.


“reminiscent of early post-punk acts like Magazine … a fruitful new direction for an outfit who already seem set on a path of constant reinvention” – ELECTRONIC SOUND MAGAZINE

NEW! DERMABRASION share the second single, “Goblin Dance,” off their debut album Pain Behaviour, out January 26th, 2024 via Hand Drawn Dracula. A fascination with the corporeal form and the occult thread through the record. With allusions to Roman Catholicism, LaVeyan Satanism and genre fiction, the songs investigate shame, power, duty and inhabiting a human body. The album’s statement is honed to a menacing edge with a sound swinging in the directions of first wave and contemporary post-punk, industrial, and NWOBHM.

Dermabrasion’s new take on “Goblin Dance,” appearing first on their debut “Lunate” EP, smacks of Godflesh with a backhand of classic hip-hop as it oscillates between acidic highs and lows. Produced by Josh Korody (Fucked Up, Nailbiter, Beliefs) along with the rest of forthcoming full length, “Pain Behaviour,” the presence his expertise brings to the drum tracks hone the song’s haunting, lo-fi groove to a sharp and menacing edge. While audio production on the track takes a notable leap, the accompanying lyric video maintains a low-fi spirit as it cross-dissolves its way through beloved internet detritus of the last two decades.

“Goblin Dance by Dermabrasion – VIDEO OF THE DAY” – NORTHERN TRANSMISSIONS

“another immense creation where the density just devours. It’s a mighty composition that screams chaos – Once again, providing that this pair are essential” – CIRCUIT SWEET

“the drum tracks hone the song’s haunting, lo-fi groove to a sharp and menacing edge” – SHE MAKES MUSIC

“an edgy blend of post-punk, industrial, and noise rock equipped with heavy, warped guitar lines, crushing drums and the riotous vocals of Kat McGouran” – COLORISING

“This is only the second track I’ve heard from Dermabrasion, but the Toronto-based duo are fast becoming firm favourites of mine. Such a banger!” – GET IN HER EARS

“Definitely dark and evil, with guitar slashes and screams that precisely hit the ears of the listener – exciting and unstoppable!” – INDIE FOR BUNNIES

“Hardcore riffs dressed for goth night at the sports bar” – BIZZARRE

“second sinister preview of the band’s upcoming debut LP Pain Behaviour” – SOME PARTY

“the primitive darkwave rhythms start to unfurl and swallow us all up within the confines of a gothic palace of noise” – LOUDER THAN WAR


11/18/23 Toronto CA – Owls Club w/ Bonnie Trash
12/01/23 Sarnia CA – Maud’s Variety w/ Hot Garbage
12/02/23 Guelph CA – Tabu w/ Hot Garbage, Bonnie Trash
01/12/24 Toronto CA – Lee’s Palace / Class of 2024 Showcase