Renowned for his visionary prowess in directing, photography, and music production, Robert Ascroft‘s journey epitomizes the transformative power of creativity. Hailing from Rochester, New York, Robert’s upbringing, steeped in his mother’s musical heritage and his father’s work with Kodak, foreshadowed his destined immersion in the realms of creativity. Emerging as a prominent figure in the 2000s, he forged his path through collaborations with luminaries of the Oscars, Grammys, Tonys, and Emmys.

Expanding upon his talents in the visual realm, Robert has delved deeper into songwriting and music production. A classically trained guitarist turned music producer, he weaves intricate melodies and evocative songwriting style that embodies his cinematic narratives. Often inspired to compose music for the projects he is directing, Robert seamlessly blends visual and auditory elements to create immersive experiences.

The collaborative debut single, “Faded Photograph” featuring Ruth Radelet of Chromatics, offers a ethereal blend of synth-based Dream Pop and introspective lyrics. Ascroft’s directorial vision shines through in the music video, channeling classic Sci-Fi elements to complement the song’s nostalgic charm. Together both sonically and visually, Ascroft and Radelet breathe life into “Faded Photograph,” infusing it with timeless appeal and cinematic splendor. Released May 31st 2024 worldwide via Hand Drawn Dracula.

“a haunted psychedelic swirl” – STEREOGUM

“timeless appeal and cinematic splendor” – NORTHERN TRANSMISSIONS

“beautifully warm and endearing” – FLEX

“Radelet’s dreampop world” – BROOKLYN VEGAN

“one of the most endearing songs we have heard all year” – FILTER


PHOTO by Luz Gallardo
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PHOTO by Robert Ascroft
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1. Faded Photograph (feat. Ruth Radelet)

HDD119 – S1  · RELEASE DATE: May 31, 2024

Music and lyrics by Robert Ascroft and Ruth Radelet
Produced by Robert Ascroft
Mixed by Robert Ascroft and Josh Bonati
Engineered by Ted Young
Mastered by Josh Bonati
Ruth Radelet : vocals
Robert Ascroft : guitar, keys, bass, percussion
Derek James : drums

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