THE SEAMS blend influences of potent, straight-forward guitar bands from the 60’s – 90’s. With their unabashed love of structure and melody, their collective strengths shine throughthe songs they create. Their first album Meet The Seams is a raw introduction to their electric side. Drawing heavily from 60’s AM radio to 80’s college rock and 90’s britpop, thesongs bring to mind a young REM or GBV, even Oasis at their most brash. The bands core songwriting duo of Kyle Connolly (WISH, Fake Palms) and Jonathan Rogers (Elsa) have departed from the reverb soaked melancholy of their previous projects and have immersed themselves in a brighter beat. With the addition of Jesse Mirsky (Elsa) and Simone TB (Fake Palms, The Highest Order), The Seams have developed their song writing through a thoughtful and hook-laden sound. Recorded by Josh Korody (Beliefs, Dilly Dally, Cousins, F*****d Up), the clarity of their debut album showcases the band’s intent… songs will always prevail!

Meet The Seams debut album released digitally and on limited cassette Oct 28th via Hand Drawn Dracula.

“a sunny guitar-driven melody – Real Estate with less whimsy” – STEREOGUM

“NEW & NOTEABLE: Jangle pop just like REM used to make from a Toronto indie supergroup” – BANDCAMP.COM

“Members of Toronto indie bands Fake Palms, Elsa, and U.S. Girls have converged to create The Seams, a jangle-psyche supergroup in the tradition of Real Estate and nascent Britpop – indulge in the jolly restlessness of their self-titled single The Seams” – THE FADER

“think 60s pop, think Paisley Underground, think early R.E.M., The Go-Betweens or even those initial Creation Records 45s” – CLASH

“The Seams make the kind of ringing guitar pop you would hear a lot on college radio in the ’80s – More nerdy comparisons: Shack, The dB’s or, to bring it back to Canada, Grapes of Wrath” – BROOKLYN VEGAN

“CBC Radio3’s Featured New Artist – combining elements of the Paisley Underground with English jangle-pop sensibilities – The Seams channels a rosier shade of winter, leaning on more upbeat songwriting and a penchant for melody” – CBC RADIO 3


PHOTO by Colin Medley
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PHOTO by Colin Medley
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PHOTO by Alex Gray
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1. Lemonade
2. On The Shelf
3. In June
4. Paper Sun
5. Hold Still
6. All In A Day
7. Wait Up
8. Going Back
9. Glue

HDD068  · RELEASE DATE: October 26th, 2018

Performed by The Seams:
Guitar & Vocals: Kyle Edward Connolly
Guitar & Vocals: Jonathan Kennedy Rogers
Bass: Jesse Mirsky
Drums & Fender Rhodes: Omri Gondor
Additional Background Harmonies: Ian Mcgettigan

Recorded by Ian Mcgettigan at Dinning Room
Produced by The Seams and Ian Mcgettigan
Mastered by Mikko Gordon at Mannequin House
Artwork by Darby Milbrath
All songs written by Kyle Edward Connolly
& Jonathan Kennedy Rogers

“It’s got all the touches that make musical waves nowadays, from a slight hint of the jangles, dreamy touch on the vocals and the faintest hint of paisley to top it off” – AUSTIN TOWN HALL

“NEW & NOTABLE – The Seams’ jangly pop is full of lovely melodic twists and elegant turns-of-phrases delineating the quotidian details of love and romance.” – BANDCAMP

“Another Side of the Seams feels as soft as a hug and as sweet as smile. This is a gentle record made by and for kind hearts” ~ DAILY BANDCAMP – ESSENTIAL RELEASE




1. The Seams
2. Seeds
3. Remembrance Day
5. Time Travel
6. Hung Up
7. Tomorrow
8. Shades
9. Alone
10. … till we meet again

HDD049  · RELEASE DATE: October 28th, 2016

“a dazzling, endlessly endearing collection of indie-pop gems” – GOLD FLAKE PAINT

“The Seams play wistful, pretty indie rock, reminiscent of everything from mid-’60s rock ‘n’ roll to the foreboding energy of Slint – a cool, care-free breeze of guitars and silky vocals” – CLRVYNT

“5 things every Canadian indie music fan needs to hear this month – take a note from the book of The Seams” – CBC RADIO 3

“Best New Indie 6 Songs You Need To Hear This Week – Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Flaming Lips, Madlib, MF Doom, Passion Pit, The Seams, Why? : The Seams have no shortage of talent composing their 60s-esque pop that manages to be both fun and lethargic” – INDIE 88



1. Lemonade

HDD061  · RELEASE DATE: October 27, 2017

“The Best of 2017 – The Seams “Lemonade” / Big City, Small World” – CBC RADIO 1

“sweet new standalone single called “Lemonade” – offers a sunny guitar-driven melody and self-effacing lyrics; think Real Estate with less whimsy” – STEREOGUM

“laced with a nostalgic vein running right through its hazy core – Like some snapshot of summer, the song almost wilts under the weight of winter but such sentiments are diluted by the new video which adds a big dash of charm to the whole piece, somewhat transforming the track in to a wistful and stirring reminder of summer” – GOLD FLAKE PAINT

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