Once toted as “a band you need to listen to” by BUST Magazine, VALLENS are an undefinable quartet drawing from Abba, This Mortail Coil, film, and more influences than one would expect of their vexing and fervid sound. “Hard to pin down, their chorus-friendly sounds invoke UK bands like Lush, while their noisey breakdowns are more akin to Sister-era Sonic Youth. Vocalist/Guitarist Robyn Phillips has that rare-quality voice that sticks in your head, like the early works of Sinead O’Connor.” – Live in Limbo

Vallens upcoming “Dimmed In My Display” EP reflects upon themes of over saturation of imagery, explores the emotional response to isolation, and confronts the obscurity felt within oneself. With the EP set for an early summer release and LP 2 readying in the shadows, songwriting has expanded since their debut album, “Consent,” to the full band, with Colin J. Morgan (Cellphone), Marta Cikojevic (TOPS), and Devon Henderson (who additionally produced the EP).

Their newest material is a “dark, heavy exercises in frenetic tension building… a more corrosive version of their goth-washed noise-gaze — think less mood, more menace” as described by Exclaim Magazine. Vallens have been playing shows often and reshaping to become a more hypnotic and groove based project, leaning more on their melodic influencers, while still maintaining their dissonant unease. Often referred to as shoe-gaze, or any hashtag involving David Lynch, Vallens are now looking to explore many other topics, whether it be in subject, genre or concept — growing from these descriptors into a multifaceted unit and evolving into a whole different animal.

Currently working on their second full length album set for 2019, Vallens’ “Dimmed In My Display” EP is set to be released July 6th, 2018 via Hand Drawn Dracula.

“I’ve fallen in love with Vallens, a shoegaze band from Toronto, and their music video for “Dark Tunnel.” It is a shadowy mirage through the woods, splashed with glitter and fairy lights” – ROOKIE MAG

“21 Female-Fronted Bands You Need To Listen To” – BUST

“As Vallens, Robyn Phillips explores ashen, textured rock music that’s often shoegaze-y, but nod toward Sonic Youth’s tightly wound and distraught melodies.” – FADER

“dissonance, piercing guitars and impassioned vocals to make a sound akin to Siouxsie & the Banshees or Los Angeles’ X” – CLASH

“The music is shoegazey, complex, and textured—don’t listen to it because it’s cool, listen to it because it’s a good song. Then buy their new album on Hand Drawn Dracula, a label that continues to be both stylish and full of substance.” – VICE.com

“The Lynchian influence returns full force in the Toronto-based ensemble’s new music video for “Devour” – a twisted boudoir photo shoot – a troubling meditation on identity – the gentle shoegaze soundtrack” ~ INTERVIEW MAGAZINE

“Consent’ is topical, powerful, and wholly invigorating” – CLASH


PHOTO by Shelby Fenlon
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PHOTO by Daniel Pieczarski
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PHOTO by Anthony Tuccitto
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1. Et Al
2. Dimmed In My Display
3. Occurred
4. If I Don’t Know You

HDD066  · RELEASE DATE: July 6th, 2018

“Bold, striking songwriting, Vallens match the pop impulses of ABBA to the ground-breaking approach of This Mortal Coil” – CLASH

“The dark melodic Toronto band wield even more cinematic power on their upcoming EP, ‘Dimmed In My Display.’” – NOISEY

“a provocative and powerful work from an emerging band that’s less interested in upholding the status quo of any genre” – CBC MUSIC

Performed by Vallens:
Guitar/Vox: Robyn Phillips
Keys & Noise: Marta Cikojevic
Bass: Devon Henderson
Drums: Colin J Morgan

Written by Robyn Phillips & Vallens
Produced by Devon Henderson & Vallens
Mix/Engineered/Mastered by Alex Gamble
Cover by Shelby Fenlon



1. While You Wait
2. Drag
3. Consent
4. Rosemary
5. Devour
6. Karen
7. Dark Tunnel
8. Tennesse Haze
9. Sin So Vain
10. Still Need Dreams

HDD053  · RELEASE DATE: June 24th, 2016

Limited run of 300 LPs worldwide on blue vinyl.

“an essential listen for fans of David Lynch & for anyone whose fingers are always on the pulse of new music” – BUST

“The lo-fi Toronto band’s David Lynchian inspired video demands respect and belief in women. – Vallens’ debut album, a dark aura of lo-fi rock led by singer-songwriter Robyn Phillips that explores a myriad of women’s issues including sexual, physical, and communicative consent” – NOISEY

“Vallens wants you to believe women – the album deals with a significant amount of heavy material including, but not limited to, addiction, sexual and physical consent, and death” – DAILY VICE

“From its melancholy start to its fantastic finish, Consent is a twisted fever dream truly evoking the band’s namesake” – Album Of The Week /NOW

“the type of record one should listen to with eyes closed, to fully allow the mind to be swept away on a journey that both delights and disturbs, in the most enchanting of ways” – 8/10 EXCLAIM!

“Consent is layered in a cloudy haze of dusky guitars over mysterious melodies, dreamy synthesizers seemingly taken from the lost tapes of a David Lynch film score, and shadowy, post punk grooves” – INTERVIEW / CBC RADIO3

“Vallens’ dark and smoky sound – definitely has a certain Black Lodge je ne sais quoi” – BROOKLYN VEGAN

Recorded with Jeff Berner of Psychic TV at Galuminum Foil in Brooklyn, NY and at Toronto’s Candle Recording with Josh Korody (Beliefs).


1. Tennesse Haze

HDD041  · RELEASE DATE: May 12th, 2015

“Directed by fellow Torontonian Shelby Fenlon, the clip finds Vallens mastermind Robyn Phillips wandering through a forest and other nature zones. It’s appropriately soft-focus, and the off-kilter chord changes of the song add to the feeling of dreamy disorientation.” – NOISEY

Recorded with Jeff Berner of Psychic TV at Galuminum Foil in Brooklyn, NY and at Toronto’s Candle Recording with Josh Korody (Beliefs).

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