CONTRIVED is a 5 piece rock band with principal members from JUNO AWARD winners WINTERSLEEP and JUNO / POLARIS nominees HOLY FUCK. Their latest project has led them into a sound direction incorporating their hard rock roots and expanding on their pop sensibilities. Contived recorded their third full-length album Blank, Blank, Blank at Sonic Temple Studios in Halifax. Lending a hand at the mix is Dave Newfeld (Broken Social Scene, Super Furry Animals).

Originally formed in Halifax, CONTRIVED quickly built a loyal following based on the talents evident on their self-produced debut Pursuit of Plots (2002) and their sold out live performances. The ultra-limited Starshine EP (200 pressings) sold out as quickly as they could be produced before a second Dead Air Verbatim was recorded with Andy Magoffin (Two Minute Miracles) in 2005. The band then embarked on an Exclaim! sponsored Cross-Canada tour with Dependent Music label mates Wintersleep, Holy Fuck and Jill Barber before concentrating on their other musical commitments.

Blank, Blank, Blank cd assembled by hand and printed on uncoated 18pt 100% Recycled C1S paperboard.
Package design and artwork by James Mejia.

“Best of 2008: Alternative Songs (Canadian)” / “Best of 2008: Alternative Albums” / “Best of 2008: Albums You Haven’t Heard” – ITUNES

“Contrived find a middle ground between Holy Fuck’s instrumental chaos and the pop sensibility Wintersleep displayed on Welcome to the Night Sky. Muscular, overdriven hooks sit next to chiming verses while high pitched vocals float overhead… blank, blank, blank becomes more satisfying with each listen.” – EXCLAIM!

“lean efficient riffs, sing-along choruses and light layers of reverb and falsetto. Between the optimistic melodies and graceful textures, it’s downright pretty at times, but the band delivers the goods with such vigour and heart that it’s never left adrift.” – MIRROR

“Contrived are a musical force to be reckoned with. With their third album, ‘Blank, Blank, Blank’, they deliver a full-force knockout that is as sprawling and majestic as it is melodic and addictive.” – INDIEPASSION


/ Not A Goodbye (LIVE)

Label / Manager: James Mejia




1. Not a Goodbye
2. Angels rioting against the nothing
3. Attention (Black Ops)
4. Firing Squad
5. Eavesdropping
6. Celebrate
7. The War to Settle the Score
8. Keepsake

HDD002  · RELEASE DATE: November 11th, 2008

CD assembled by hand and printed on uncoated 18pt 100% Recycled C1S paperboard. Artwork and package design by James Mejia.

“Complete musical freedom is a rare thing, and Contrived certainly takes full advantage of their unique position to deliver a record that stacks up nicely against the songs you already know and love.” HEROHILL

“The beautiful vocals and lyrical sentiment of singer Mike MacNeil flow over the poppy-jangle sound of sparkling guitar work and punchy danceable bass lines. From open to close, the album is worth every minute.” – CANADAINDIE

“Contrived are currently busy creating a buzz all over your computer. The darker sounds of science and industry tint their self-described hard-rock and pop hybrid, leaving something easily palatable but strangely mechanical.” – VENUS ZINE

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