We all have cousins, but COUSINS are not actually cousins. COUSINS are Leigh and Aaron (not Lee Aaron) and they are, and have been the hardest working band in Halifax, Nova Scotia for some time. COUSINS are a guitar/drums duo that play the rock and roll music of and for today.

COUSINS version of rock and roll music will break through fences and set off roman candles. It is devastating and joyful, full of love and punk romance. It will fix your bike and leave paint under your fingernails. It is a music that will shake off all that faux, dead, cool.

This record will change your life if you let it. A heartbreaker and a healer, it looks an awful world dead in the eye, fills the lungs up with all that pain and worry, and then comes back breathing a beautiful fire. This is the fine art of defense and hope. A ramshackle monument built over a steady spring of melancholy. Electricity and blood in the lines. Guitar and drums. A musical avalanche set apart from the macho and debaucherous posturing and fictions of rock culture.

This is a sound set loose, rolling down hill in a shopping cart, at once full of confidence, excitement, dread, and anticipation.

Cousins “The Halls of Wickwire,” May 13th 2014, via Hand Drawn Dracula & Ba Da Bing

30 BEST ALBUMS OF 2014 “[Cousins] washes over you with a sound rich with texture and reverb ~ buzzing with garage-rock energy and layered with a California fuzz so warm that if you just rolled down the window, you could almost taste the salty air” – CBC RADIO3

The Halls of Wickwire — its first for relentlessly on-point Toronto indie label Hand Drawn Dracula — [Cousins] has pulled off a studio recording that comes remarkably close to duplicating the entire might, meat and melody of a Cousins gig for the benefit of your headphones and your living-room system” – THE STAR

“bold, tastefully fuzzy garage-rock” – SPIN






1. Phone
2. Other Ocean
3. Alone
4. At Odds
5. Death Man
6. Body
7. What’s Your Name
8. Mess
9. Ocean
10. Singing

HDD033  · RELEASE DATE: May 13th, 2014

Two LP pressings on classic black vinyl.
Limited edition run of cassettes on pink shell.

“[The Halls of Wickwire] sounds like it was made in a basement but the basement is worth two million dollars. A gorgeous knock-out rock-out” – NOISEY

The Halls of Wickwire is affecting and hypnotic, big without sounding slick and easily the best thing the band have produced to date” – EXCLAIM!

“10 songs of pure high-powered, joyful punk fun” – INDIE88

“the ghost of a young Walkmen frontman tackling a head-banging proclamation of internal struggle and motivation” – PORTALS

“They’ve got it all: better, bigger riffs than most, and a look that screams… I love rock & roll too much” – CHARTATTACK

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