Etiquette is a new band, but its faces are familiar. Graham Walsh and JULIE FADER are creative and domestic partners whose collective résumé unites not only Canada’s myriad musical communities—from folk-rock to noise-punk—but the generations between them. Walsh is best known as a member of electro-punk armada HOLY FUCK, and as a producer / engineer for nationally acclaimed newcomers like Metz, Preoccupations, Alvvays, and Hannah Georgas; Fader, a renowned visual artist, has released an album of ethereal indie-pop under her own name while also lending her voice to artists such as Sarah Harmer, Chad VanGaalen, Blue Rodeo and Great Lake Swimmers.

Etiquette marks the moment where all their experience and aesthetics intersect into a swirling, seductive sound that perfectly complements Fader’s personal songwriting with Walsh’s command of otherworldly, future-shocked sonics.

Etiquette’s debut album, Reminisce released March 24, 2015 on Hand Drawn Dracula.

Attention Seeker bears a moody, mellow bassline, akin in vibe to Metronomy’s She Wants. It could also totally have been part of the soundtrack to The Virgin Suicides – dreamy and unsettling” – NOISEY

“crystalline keys and steamrolled melodies” – SELF TITLED

“Reminisce, is a wholly original sonic exploration. Listening feels like wandering foggy city streets in the twilight hours” – Q RADIO

“slow, pulsing, dreamy synth clouds and melancholy lyrics, with the occasional blast of uptempo, dancefloor-ready electro” – CBC MUSIC

“recalls classic acts like Eurythmics & Depeche Mode, and feels especially hypnotic when paired with Fader’s vocals, steady & feathery like those of Metric’s Emily Haines. ~ it’s difficult not to be enveloped by the Canadian natives’ lush & dreamy atmospherics” – CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND


PHOTO by James Mejia
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PHOTO by Luke McCutcheon
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1. Pleasantries
2. Brown and Blue
3. Attention Seeker
4. Sleep to Wake
5. Twinkling Stars
6. Promises
7. On and On
8. Outside In
9. Island

HDD034  · RELEASE DATE: March 24th, 2015

Limited run of 300 LPs worldwide on classic black vinyl.

A hazy nocturnal vibe – evoking post-Floydian soundscapes of Air’s Virgin Suicides soundtrack, or teh slow ambient pulse of the Drive soundtrack. One can also hear the pillowy dream-pop of Beach House, and the stark, grey-scaled R&B minimalism of the xx, with the occasional, well timed hot shot of DFA worthy electro to jolt you out of your reverie” – via Spotify

Reminisce feels warm and cocooned, with synth melodies that hang low, heavy, and liquid – wrapped tight around Fader’s voice, with a balance between intimacy and spareness that’s reminiscent of bands like the xx” – PITCHFORK

“With Reminisce, Etiquette submit an emotional, philosophical record expounding on the deeply coded existential experiences of interpersonal and intrapersonal conflict” EXCLAIM!

“Song after song after song of groove and mood – music built on exquisite bass lines, lovely, cool vocals, and the understanding that people need to be coaxed and seduced onto the dance floor – Sexy-like – “dancey as fuck.”” – HUFFINGTON POST



1. Outside In

HDD039  · RELEASE DATE: December 16th, 2014

“the album will be one to look out for. It’s eerie, minimal synth and guitar music in the vein of Chromatics, or the back half of Talking Heads’ Remain In Light” – STEREOGUM

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