NAILBITER is the synthesized alter ego of producer/studio guru and one half BELIEFS member Josh Korody. After spending 2019 in the studio with Toronto duo MSTRKRFT and releasing on their imprint ORO Records, Korody dove face first into the club scene in 2020, launching his own Techno imprint (Nodding Heads) focusing on the dark and heavy club oriented Techno DJ mindset.

“Brace” will be Korody’s 4th release on Hand Drawn Dracula, following his critically acclaimed “Waveshaper” EP that saw Nailbiter working with David Psutka (Egyptrixx) and Jeremy Greenspan (Junior Boys). This time Korody takes a step back into his inner electronic beginnings that leaned heavily on experimentation rather than form. “Brace” is a collection of ideas and material that evoke a more cinematic and visual state of mind wherein each piece was a spark, processed in the moment rather than analyzed. The result is more humanism breathing into these electronic based movements. The more these pieces fit together, the more of a fictitious narrative this album creates for the listener. “Brace” became an experiment wherein the composer scored a film that does not yet exist.

The album was recorded, produced, and mixed by Josh Korody, among various apartments as well as his Candle Recording studio, and mastered by Jesse. F Keeler. Nailbiter has shared the stage with Psychic TV, Group A, and Drew McDowall / Coil.


PHOTO by Jayme Keith
view : lo-res | hi-res

PHOTO by Jayme Keith
view : lo-res | hi-res

PHOTO by Jayme Keith
view : lo-res | hi-res




01. Wake
02. LXD
03. Cascades
04. Pinned
05. Madness
06. Garbage 1
07. Driving
08. Garbage 2
09. Brace 1
10. The Plague
11. Jaymes 420
12. Sunrise
13. Around The Corner
14. Pacing
15. Bom Bom Swash
16. Tick
17. Spinning
18. Hope
19. Broken
20. Traffic
21. Brace 2
22. Play

HDD086  · RELEASE DATE: October 30, 2020

“A New Canadian Fave – Techno with a DIY punk aesthetic and occasionally jazzy noise experiments scream across this 15-track behemoth” – EXCLAIM!

Nailbiter “Pinned” video premiere via Berlin’s THE BRVTALIST – link

Written, Performed, Produced, Mixed by Josh Korody. Mastered by Jesse F. Keeler. Photograph by Shane Parent. Design by James Mejia.



1. Smeared
2. Spoiled
3. Waspy
4. Neil
5. Sickly
6. Acid Borg

HDD057  · RELEASE DATE: March 03rd, 2017

“Dark, atmospheric, but always danceable, his sounds have been making waves from NYC to Montreal” – MUTANT MODULAR

“Nailbiter makes sludgy experimental electro with shades of industrial and a pinch of gothiness. “Smeared” is a short song with a sense of impending doom, and though the sounds are cacophonous, it is still melodious and beat-driven” – SILENT SHOUT

“a moody, threatening sonic vibe” – EXCLAIM!

All Songs Produced/Mixed/Recorded by Josh Korody. Mastered by David Psutka & Jeremy Greenspan. Cover by James Mejia.



1. Sworm
2. The Hunt
3. Spiral
4. Malgorithm
5. Shield

HDD052  · RELEASE DATE: August 5th, 2016

“Starting off with craggy static pulses of a top secret radio transmission, it veers into a potent blend of rudimentary beats and distorted laser beam synth improvisation, Pete Swanson meets Giorgio Moroder style.” – THE FADER

“anxiety-evoking – surging rhythmic collection explores Korody’s modular potential” – SPIN

“Nailbiter brings an entirely different trance-inducing force. The modular electronic solo project of Josh Korody finds his dreams of wires shifting into industrial nightmares.” – A-SIDE

All Songs Produced/Mixed/Recorded by Josh Korody, except “Sworm” Recorded at Studio G Brooklyn with Jeff Berner (Psychic TV). Mastered by Jarod Gibson (Odonis Odonis).



1. Vertigo
2. Splatter
3. Pressure
4. Fall Lows
5. Concrete City
6. Cycles
7. Moon
8. Scrambling
9. The Lighthouse
10. Orange Juice

HDD047  · RELEASE DATE: September 25th, 2015

“Nailbiter (Josh Korody of Beliefs) soundtracks your industrial nightmare on ‘Formats’ – Taking inspiration from late-’80s/early-’90s industrial (and maybe a little DJ Shadow)” – BROOKLYN VEGAN

“Josh Korody somehow found time to put out an experimental industrial album Formats under the appropriately goth moniker Nailbiter” – THUMP/VICE

Formats belongs conceptually and aesthetically in the tradition of artists like Throbbing Gristle, Aphex Twin, and Black Dice. Like those vanguards, play comes first” – CHARTATTACK

“Formats is a electronic album made up of industrial darkness, skin-crawling beats, and atmospheric drones akin to Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works Volume II” – EXCLAIM!

Written/Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Josh Korody in his apartment Jan-Jun 2015. Photograph by Robyn Phillips.

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