“Ora Cogan can be strikingly sparse and overwhelmingly composed in the same sublime breath. She summons orchestral waves of violins and rolling psychedelic guitars, propelled forward by a voice that sweeps audiences away under a tsunami of blissful sonic complexity.” – Sled Island Festival

Cogan has collaborated with a multitude of artists and has been invited to perform at festivals worldwide and toured extensively throughout North America & Europe. Her new album ‘Crickets’ was recorded in Philadelphia with Tom Deis & was released on Hand Drawn Dracula in November 2017. This new complex & political record has married the intricate & unique style this artist is known for with bold new arrangements that stretch out across many a sonic realm.

Ora Cogan ‘Crickets’ released November 3rd, 2017 worldwide via Hand Drawn Dracula.

“Cogan debuted a handful of darkly beautiful and poignant songs from her forthcoming album Crickets, a profoundly moving collection of visceral haunted psych-folk elegies – She was hands down my favorite new discovery of the fest” ~ GORILLA VS BEAR

“Multi-instrumentalist Ora Cogan makes gorgeous experimental folk compositions laced with hints of psychedelia, chamber pop, and rock.” – SHE SHREDS MAGAZINE

“A martial beat opens the track and provides the drive that suspends the music a few feet above our heads. The foggy guitar rhythms pour down like rain and infiltrate the dark recesses of our minds, the places where memory and self twist around one another to substantial effect. The track acts as a way of looking deeper into ourselves, and, as a result, we peer longer into both the nuance and theatricality of the world around us.” – NOOGA

“She and her backing band performing playfully but thoughtfully, with skill and grace.” – DROWNED IN SOUND

“This gorgeous woman opened one of our West Coast shows. This is a great record, so glad she found us.” – Hope Sandoval / Mazzy Star – BROOKLYN VEGAN

“One of the prettiest songs I’ve heard in some time” – Liz Harris / Grouper


PHOTO by Mona li Alzghoul
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PHOTO by Ora Cogan
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1. Sea People
2. The Light
3. Moonbeam
4. Crickets
5. Darling
6. Wind in the Waves
7. Witch
8. Anything

HDD060  · RELEASE DATE: November 3rd, 2017

Limited run of 300 LPs worldwide on classic black vinyl.

Song of the Day “Ora Cogan draws from a wide web of influence, but – truly – she sounds like no other.” – CLASH

Critic’s Pick / NNNN “She’s proven herself a gifted songwriter, but in finding a logical way to extend her neo-folk foundation into darkwave territory, Cogan now sounds truly vital.” – NOW MAGAZINE

“bliss out with some dreamy, beautiful tunes … of gauzy psych-folk tracks” – AMERICAN SONGWRITER

“Cogan moves gracefully between introspective synth ballads and psychedelic folk songs. And while her lyrics focus on corporate greed and environmental degradation, her transcendent arrangements provide relief and hope.” – DAILY BANDCAMP

#07 National College Radio Chart Canada
#51 National College Radio Chart USA

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