Who: POSTDATA (Paul Murphy from WINTERSLEEP and his brother Michael).

What: A couple years ago, brothers Paul and Michael Murphy shared scotch and started writing songs at their parents house in Yarmouth, N.S. They were penning tunes for their mom about people in their family; all captured through the mic of a laptop. 12 ideas were born, most of which got reworked eight months later in Halifax with proper mics, click tracks: minus the booze. The result is Postdata, the name for the duo and the debut Vinyl on Hand Drawn Dracula Jan. 26th, 2010.

Postdata lp limited pressing of 100 on clear vinyl and 400 on black. Printed on coated SBS. Artwork by Paul Murphy and James Mejia. Package design by James Mejia.




A1. Lazarus
A2. In Chemicals
A3. Tracers
A4. Paranoid Clusters

B1. Eclipse
B2. Tobias Grey
B3. Warning
B4. Drift
B5. The Coroner

HDD008  · RELEASE DATE: January 26th, 2010

Limited run of 100 LPs worldwide on clear vinyl and 400 on classic black vinyl.

“Postdata is a beautifully-realised piece of work which has set an early high watermark for anyone considering making an album of acoustic laments this year.” – DROWNED IN SOUND

Favorites of 2010: Canadian LPs – “Like good music should, each of these songs forces a connection on the listener, causing you to scramble through your own memories of awkward love, family bonds, and pain as you try to answer questions that have no real answers.” – HEROHILL

Favourite Albums of 2010 – “This album feels naked, stark and reminds me of another Hand Drawn Dracula release in Brian Borcherdt’s amazing Coyotes album.” – SLOWCOUSTIC

Best Albums of 2010 – “A beautifully haunting record and debut for this project, take note of In Chemicals and Tobias Grey” – INDIE MUSIC FILTER

“Postdata is an album of beautiful, sparse, visceral songs by Paul Murphy, the singer and co-songwriter of Wintersleep. Recalling Low, Nick Drake, Smog, Bon Iver” – SUBBA-CULTCHA

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