Since first arriving on the scene in 2009 with blistering inversions of shoegaze, Montreal’s NO JOY has always found formidable ways to reinvent itself. Now solely composed of musician Jasamine White-Gluz, No Joy has evolved over the course of four studio albums and five EPs, defying expectation and genre, and cementing itself as something rare: a band without a category.

It’s no surprise, then, that this new No Joy EP, Can My Daughter See Me From Heaven, sees White-Gluz finding new things to mine and explore from the 2020 LP Motherhood. Once again pulling sonic inspirations from every corner the band had mastered before, Motherhood is a staggering and melancholic tapestry of fuzzy, 90s/early 2000s nu metal and trip hop, faithful shoegaze, and bold lyricism– with blunt meditations on femininity, fertility and mortality–all while maintaining a sense of humor.

Comprising the tracklisting of Can My Daughter See Me From Heaven are four Motherhood tracks, all of which were reworked during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mixed by frequent collaborator Jorge Elbrecht, mastered by Heba Kadry, and co-produced by White-Gluz and Tara McLeod (who also lends her guitar work to the recordings), the new takes veer into slower, dreamier territory…but calling it “softer” would be a disservice. To help re-conceive the tracks under a new light, White-Gluz enlisted a fresh set of collaborators: there’s booming percussion from Sarah Thawson, a cutting cello from Ouri, delicate harp work by Nailah Hunter, and French horn from Brandi Sidoryk — who also provides backup and operatic vocals.They settle into a strange and confident harmony, highlighting the urgency of Motherhood’s themes, as White-Gluz’s hazy, ethereal vocals soar over the din.

Aside from these reimaginings, there’s another delightful surprise: a dusky cover of Deftones’ immortal classic “Teenager” rounds out the five song EP. It’s no wonder that a song by Deftones, another band willing to bulldoze through sonic boundaries, would find a home here. There’s a kinship between these artists that makes this cover even more necessary.

With Can My Daughter See Me From Heaven, No Joy continues to conjure an effortless mix of sound, achieving new heights, while playing with the more traditional confines of the shoegaze genre.

Can My Daughter See Me From Heaven will be released May 19th 2021
via Joyful Noise (ROW) and Hand Drawn Dracula (CAN).

“Gorilla vs Bear’s Albums of 2020” – GORILLA VS BEAR

“No Joy seems to have cracked a code to infusing shoegaze with more peculiar genres: trip-hop, R&B, and even nu-metal – to explore unclaimed territory and create a new sound for herself” – FAVOURITE FIFTY OF 2020DOMINIONATED

“an exhilarating, shape-shifting art-pop statement” – APPLE MUSIC

“one of the most distinguished shoegaze acts of the last decade”… “a shoegaze album with a rare scope and an even rarer sense of fun and imagination” – 8/10 PITCHFORK

“a blisteringly progressive record – one that genuinely feels years ahead of its time” – 9/10 THE LINE OF BEST FIT

“a 42-minute whirlwind of dreamy, danceable, shape-shifting art-pop that feels both chaotic and carefully controlled; staggeringly complex and laser-focused; exhausting and exhilarating” – 8.4/10 PASTE

” White-Gluz branches out fearlessly in all directions on Motherhood … and takes No Joy’s always-restless creative spark to unimaginable new places.” – 4/5 ALLMUSIC

“hybridization of shoezage and other ’90s influences (trip hop, electronica, nu metal)” – BROOKLYN VEGAN

“It’s one of music’s great paradoxes: No Joy inevitably leads to joy… hyper-catchy, spaced-out electronic pop” – STEREOGUM

“It’s an expansive, often shape-shifting blend of shoegazerish psych-rock with buoyant electro-pop, atmospheric dream-pop and blistering hard-rock, combining fuzzy, effects-laden guitars and driving, often propulsive rhythms with ethereal vocals and soaring song hooks.” – KEXP

“Montreal’s No Joy refuse to stick to the shallow end of shoegaze revivalism on their fourth album. Death metal, 90s house-pop, and darkwave are just some of the genres in Jasamine White-Gluz’s palette, and she knows how to make them match.” – FADER

“With Motherhood, No Joy has given birth to something entirely new.” – BANDCAMP DAILY

“an eclectic record that shows White-Gluz at her most exploratory, twisting No Joy’s sound into new, compelling shapes.” – 8/10 EXCLAIM!


PHOTO by Jodi Heartz & Alex Blouin
view : lo-res | hi-res

PHOTO by Jodi Heartz & Alex Blouin
view : lo-res | hi-res

PHOTO by Mathieu Fortin
view : lo-res | hi-res

PHOTO by Mathieu Fortin
view : lo-res | hi-res




01. Kidder – From Heaven
02. Fish – From Heaven
03. Four – From Heaven
04. Teenager – From Heaven (Deftones cover)
05. Dream Rats – From Heaven

HDD090  · RELEASE DATE: May 19, 2021

Can My Daughter See Me From Heaven
Produced by Jasamine White-Gluz & Tara McLeod
Mixed by Jorge Elbrecht
Mastered by Heba Kadry
All songs written by No Joy except “Teenager” written by Deftones (Stephen Carpenter, Chi Cheng, Abe Cunningham, Frank Delgado, Chino Moreno).

Jasamine White-Gluz : vocals, keys
Tara McLeod : acoustic and electric guitar, lapsteel
Ouri Riou : cello
Nailah Hunter: harp
Brandi Sidoryk : opera, french horn, backing vocals
Sarah Thawer : drums



01. Birthmark
02. Dream Rats
03. Nothing Will Hurt
04. Four
05. Ageless
06. Why Mothers Die
07. Happy Bleeding
08. Signal Lights
09. Fish
10. Primal Curse
11. Kidder

HDD084  · RELEASE DATE: August 21, 2020

Written by Jasamine White-Gluz & Jorge Elbrecht
Produced by Jorge Elbrecht & Jasamine White-Gluz
Mixed by Jorge Elbrecht
Mastered by Heba Kadry
Assistant Engineering by Madeleine Campbell & Chris Walla
Additional Mixing and Editing by Tyler Fitzmaurice

Guitar, Vocals, Piano, Synths and Additional Instruments by Jasamine White-Gluz
Guitar, Bass, Vocals and Additional Instruments by Jorge Elbrecht
Guitar and Banjo by Tara McLeod
Drums by Jamie Thompson
Additional Vocals on “Dream Rats” by Alissa White-Gluz
Additional Percussion, Synths and Wind Instruments by Jeremy Dabrowski

Art Direction by Jodi Heartz
Photography by Mathieu Fortin

Recorded in LA and Montreal, throughout 2O18.
Under exclusive license to Hand Drawn Dracula Records in Canada.



01. Remember Nothing
02. Everything New
03. Hollywood Teeth
04. Moon in My Mouth
05. Burial in Twos
06. Corpo Daemon
07. Bolas
08. Chalk Snake
09. Rude Films
10. I am an Eye Machine
11. Judith

HDD103 · RELEASE DATE: June 9, 2015

Produced by Jorge Elbrecht, Jasamine White-Gluz, Laura Lloyd, Michael Farsky, Garland Hastings
Recorded at Gary’s Electric Studio
in Brooklyn, New York – October 2014
Mixed in San Jose De La Montaña, Costa Rica
by Jorge Elbrecht & No Joy
Engineered by Rob Laakso
Assistant Engineered by Kurt Feldman, Davey Jewell
Mastered by Heba Kadry
Photography by Allison Staton
Design by Rob Carmichael



01. E
02. Hare Tarot Lies
03. Prodigy
04. Slug Night
05. Blue Neck Riviera
06. Lizard Kids
07. Lunar Phobia
08. Wrack Attack
09. Ignored Pets
10. Pleasure
11. Uhy Yuoi Yoi

HDD102 · RELEASE DATE: April 23, 2013

Produced by Jorge Elbrecht, Jasamine White-Gluz,
Laura Lloyd, Garland Hastings
Recorded by Jorge Elbrecht at Gary’s Electric
Mixed by Jorge Elbrecht
Mastered by Joe Lambert
Design by Shaun Durkan



01. Mediumship
02. Heedless
03. Maggie Says I Love You
04. You Girls Smoke Cigarettes?
05. Pacific Pride
06. Hawaii
07. Indigo Child
08. Still
09. Untitled
10. Ghost Blonde

HDD107 · RELEASE DATE: November 15, 2010

Produced and Recorded by No Joy
Mixed by Sune Rose Wagner
Mastered by Paul Gold
Photography by Gordon Ball
Artwork by Shawn Kuruneru







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