Toronto-based BREEZE are back with their highly anticipated album, “Sour Grapes,” set to release December 8th 2023 through Hand Drawn Dracula Records. The new album delivers a distinctive 90s-inspired sound that explores the complexity of relationships and builds upon the brit-pop new-wave sound that garnered critical acclaim for their 2021 release, “Only Up,” praised by the likes of CBC Music, CLASH, Pitchfork, KEXP, NPR, Stereogum and featured a scores of the Toronto indie scene, including members of Orville Peck, Tallies, Zoon, Ducks Ltd, Marcii, Tess Parks, Cadence Weapon, and Broken Social Scene.

“Sour Grapes” represents an exciting direction for Breeze, capturing the essence of their evolution as a band. Originally a solo project helmed by renowned producer Josh Korody (known for his work with Tess Parks, Dilly Dally, Fucked Up, Weaves), Breeze has since transformed into a five piece following their debut performance on KEXP Live At Home Session. The album was recorded and meticulously crafted by Korody at his Candle Recording studio, with additional recording at Hotel 2 Tango alongside Shae Brossard, and mastering by Mark Gardiner (of RIDE) at OX4Sound studio.

On album opener “You’ve Decided,” Breeze employs a charmingly frenetic interplay of guitar and piano, think The Style Council and Black Grape, scored over a lyrical confrontation demanding accountability. The track sets the tone for the album’s duality of serving up-beat driven melodies mirroring tenuous conversations and relationships.

The pace and vibrant energy carries through on “Ready For Love” with Korody’s emotive vocal pleas tugging at heartstrings while the cascading rhythm effortlessly sways the dancefloor, evoking the bravado of Fontaines D.C. and the melancholy of The Human League. Recorded by the band at Montreal’s Hotel2Tango, the track was written by keyboardist James Kearns while sick with COVID then taken to a dramatic new level in the studio.

Breeze showcases their versatility with “Have You Ever Suffered,” an exploration of lo-fi beats and electronic post-punk blending into a raw and energetic composition. Korody’s poetic prowess builds with the intensity of the band’s powerful percussion. Seamlessly weaving a tapestry of influences, making “Have You Ever Suffered” a must-have for any well-worn mixtape thriving on groove, grit, and modern angst.

Mark Gardener describes album closer “Heart Attack Waiting To Happen” as a “dancefloor banger” and a personal favorite from the album. The track seamlessly blends acid-house influences, commencing with a modest synth patch and building into a dark electro jam born out of a spontaneous studio session and showcases Breeze’s ability to create a euphoric, high-energy indie-rave experience.

Breeze “Sour Grapes” is nostalgic, bittersweet, and an essential end-of-year offering.

“frenetically fun album – energetic and eclectic” – SONG OF THE DAY / KEXP

“A rising electro-psych artist makes a bold new impression… if you survived the voyage, you’ll be pressing repeat immediately” – CLASH

“Fred Perry Q&A / Subculture Profile” – FRED PERRY UK

“a fun, referential mix that celebrates the idealized hedonism of his favorite records” – PITCHFORK

Only Up is a playful mix of shoegaze, Britpop, and disco” – NEW & NOTABLE / DAILY BANDCAMP

“an intriguing ambience that meshes disco with post-punk” – STEREOGUM

“a reimagination of Manchester’s swirling ’90s peak, while at the same time feeling futuristic and unfamiliar” – ALL MUSIC

“vital, recreational, stimulating – Breeze Unites Toronto’s Shattered Music Scene on Only Up” – EXCLAIM

“New Music Reviews / a colorful, rhythm-driven sound” – KEXP

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“Come Around (feat Cadence Weapon)” July 24th, 2021 – BIG CITY SMALL WORLD

“Come Around (feat Cadence Weapon)” radio premiere June 27th, 2021 – THE STROMBO SHOW

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PHOTO by Jayme Keith
view lo-res / download photo

PHOTO by Colin-Medley
view lo-res / download photo

PHOTO by Colin-Medley
view lo-res / download photo




01. You’ve Decided
02. Disposable
03. Have You Ever Suffered?
04. Ready For Love
05. Agitated
06. Weapon
07. Never Gave You
08. Honestly
09. Heart Attack Waiting To Happen

HDD114 · RELEASE DATE: December 8, 2023

Purple Green Sour Grape Swirl Vinyl w/ Hype Sticker.
Limited edition of 300.

Mixed by Josh Korody at Candle Recording Studio, Canada.
Mastered by Mark Gardiner (RIDE).
Album photo by James Kearns.
Design by James Mejia.

Recorded by Shae Brossard at Hotel 2 Tango: “Agitated” “Disposable” “Heart Attack Waiting to Happen” “Ready for Love” “Weapon”

Recorded by Josh Korody at Candle Recording Studio: “Have You Ever Suffered?” “Honestly” “You’ve Decided”

Recorded by Meagan Aversa and Josh Korody at Candle Recording Studio: “Never Gave You”

Additional Vocals: Tom McGreevy on “Disposable” “Weapon” and Jessica Upton on “Never Gave You”

Breeze is Braeden Craig, James Kearns, Robyn Phillips, Julia Wittmann, Josh Korody.



01. Intro
02. Come Around (feat Cadence Weapon)
03. Let It In
04. Ecstasy On Keele Street
05. Hard Boiled Wonderland
06. Our Scene
07. Bummer
08. Release The Pain
09. Don’t Cry
10. Only Up (feat Tess Parks)

HDD091  · RELEASE DATE: August 26, 2021

Written, recorded, mixed by Josh Korody at Candle Recording Studio, Toronto February 2021. All lyrics by Josh Korody, except the 2nd verse of “Don’t Cry” written by James Kearns. Additional engineering by Dylan Frankland. Additional vocal engineering by Ben Foran. Mastered By Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel. Photo collage by Jayme Keith. Artwork and package design by James Mejia.

Cadence Weapon raps on “Come Around”
Tess Parks vocals on “Only Up”

Kyle Connolly bass, guitar, keyboards, vocal layers
Josh Korody vocals, drums, synth/keyboard, perc, guitar

Additional appearances by:
Dylan Frankland guitar leads on “Hard Boiled Wonderland” ”Bummer” & “Ecstasy on Keele Street”
Lowell Sostomi synth lead on “Ecstasy on Keele Street”, guitar on “Bummer”, mellotron and organ on “Only Up”, back up vocals on “Hard Boiled Wonderland”
Michael le Riche extra guitar, vocals and synth on “Our Scene”, synths and whirly on “Bummer” as well as back up vocals on “Only Up” & “Hard Boiled Wonderland”
Jesse Crowe vocals on “Our Scene” “Let It In” “Only Up”
Julia Whittmann vocals “Only Up” “Our Scene” “Let It In”
Samborghini Goldberg Jr. guitars on “Only Up”
Robyn Phillips vocals on “Let it In” “Only Up”
Patrick Marshall rips a guitar solo on “Bummer”
Daniel Monkman guitars on “Come Around”
Evan Lewis guitar line on “Don’t Cry”
James Kearns sings on “Our Scene”
Maddy Wilde vocals on “Let It In”
Daniel Benjamin vocals on “Let It In”
Marta Cikojevic voice on “Ecstasy on Keele Street”
Ivy Lovell calls me on “Ecstasy on Keele Street”



1. Breeze
3. Prince Josh
4. A Place To Bury Strangers
5. WeTurnToRed
6. Korea Town Acid
7. Breeze
8. Zoon

HDD094  · RELEASE DATE: September 23, 2021

1. Ecstasy On Keele Street
2. Ecstasy On Keele Street (JFK MSTRKFT Mix)
3. Come Around (Prince Josh – Low Tide Mix)
4. Ecstasy On Keele Street (A Place To Bury Strangers Mix)
5. Ecstasy On Keele Street (We Turned To Red Mix)
6. Hard Boiled Wonderland (Korea Town Acid Mix)
7. Ecstasy On Keele Street (Instrumental)
8. Ecstasy On Keele Street (Zoon Mix)

Songs from Breeze ONLY UP re-imagined by A Place To Bury Strangers, JFK MSTRKRFT, Korea Town Acid, Prince Josh, WeTurnToRed, and Zoon. Mastered by Jesse F. Keeler. Artwork by James Mejia.



1. Repent
2. Please
3. Paradise (In Awhile)
4. Dolls
5. Bruised Skin
6. Stumbling
7. Missing
8. Strange Waves
9. Dorothy Vallens
10. Pillow

HDD063  · RELEASE DATE: December 29, 2017

“NEW & NOTABLE – Delightful, freewheeling noise pop where clouds of guitar encircle heavenly, far off vocals” – DAILY BANDCAMP

“Get carried away by the propulsive bass line and shimmering guitars” – THE LINE OF BEST FIT

“Low-key, Cure-influenced Dream Pop from members of Dusted, Gold & Youth and Hot Hot Heat” – SILENT SHOUT

“Breeze’s dreamy debut cassingle is a siren song from rose-tinted utopia. Running, or dancing, it inspires oscillatory movement, limbs pumping with ecstatic strokes, and a meter that reverberates throughout” – WEIRD CANADA

“extra jangly, à la Real Estate” – EXCLAIM!

Song of the week / Video of the WeekHARTZINE

Recorded by Leon Taheny at Candle Recording.
Mixed by Josh & Kyle 2012-2013.
Produced by Josh Korody.
Written by Josh Korody, Kyle Connolly, Shawn Dell
Songs-Lyrics Written by Josh Korody,
except “strange waves” by Kyle Connolly

Josh Korody – Vocals, Guitars
Kyle Connolly – Lead Guitar, Bass, Vocals on “Strange Waves”
Shawn Dell – Drums, Keyboards
Robyn Phillips sings on “Dorothy Vallens”
Kristina Koskinen plays flute on “Pillow”
Photo by Josh Korody
Design by James Mejia

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