FRESH SNOW unveil a psychedelic maze through their “I CAN’T DIE” video, directed by Benjamin Portas, premiere via AD HOC & featured on BOOOOOOOM  //  ONE LP out now via Hand Drawn Dracula (ORDER HERE)

“Hands and eyes whirl in surreal and vibrant landscapes until the song becomes centered around a slow bass line. The video has the same addictive and hypnotic effect of that Windows 95 screensaver maze. As geometric shapes pass through one another, it’s easy to let your mind sink into a meditative trance.” ~ AD HOC

“a digital shitshow of mutating eyes, planetary spheres and ritualistic activities, all presented through what seems like a ’90s VR filter” ~ EXCLAIM! MAGAZINE

Nov 11 // Toronto – The Baby G (Record Release Party)
Dec 03 // Montreal – La Vitrola