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DESERTS perform ‘Street Walker’ & ‘No Skin’ in studio for LiVE@TheVerge (XM Radio The Verge) at the Music Mansion.
Look out for a new DESERTS LP … in the works!

Download Sebastien Grainger’s (Death From Above / DESERTS) Remix of HOLY FUCK‘s Red Lights from 2010’s LATIN.

“Gets your heart pumping with a four-on-the-floor disco groove and some Auto-Tuned vocals – the shimmering synths and addictive bass line are enough for this remix to hold its own alongside Holy Fuck’s excellent original” – Exclaim!

DESERTS hit the road and try to play some shows. Things are going real well, we’re making a lot of cool contacts (what’s up allen?)… the HEATER IS WORKING! BUY 7″ HERE!!!

12/5 St. Catharines, ON w/ Phantogram
12/6 London, ON w/ Phantogram
12/7 Peterborough, ON w/ Phantogram
12/8 Quebec City, QC w/ Phantogram
12/10 Montreal, QC w/ Phantogram
12/11 Toronto, ON w/ Phantogram


A1. Bankok Hilton
A2. No Skin
B3. Consider Yourself Crazy

Digital EP
1. FTW in 2010
2. Consider Yourself Crazy
3. Reincarnate Yourself
4. Serious Dome
5. Bankok Hilton
6. No Skin

DESERTS ‘No Skin’ video, from Garbage Night 7″ & EP (Edition of 300), directored by Alex Jones.

DESERTS have a lot going for them; a great label that lets them record whatever music they want, a pedigree of awesomeness and probably most importantly to herohill, a love for The Warriors. ” – HEROHILL

“It’s truly a collision of genres, but under their deft guidance, music springs out of the mess. It’s sonic urban decay, it’s messy infatuation, it’s spontaneous & unpredictable, & it’s a shit-load of fun” – quickbeforeitmelts


DESERTSBankok Hilton from Garbage Night EP & 7″ (edition of 300) directed by Alex Jones.

“As DESERTS, Sebastien Grainger and Josh Reichmann delve deeper into the garage-y post-punk inclinations of their former projects, and experiment a bit more with electronics.” – XLR8R

“A propulsive bit of strangeness that sounds like Philip Glass mashed into Bronski Beat mashed into David Bowie. From the forthcoming Garbage Night 7″ EP on sexy new Hand Drawn Dracula label.” – The Star