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JOSH REICHMANN / DOPES ‘Burning Books’ music video taken from After Live (HDD013).
Directed by Amos LeBlanc & Johnny Nghiem. BUY HERE

JOSH REICHMANN ‘Wildly Waiting’ video from ‘After Live’ directed by Henry Sansom and James Mejia.
“[After Live] is all about synthetic, folkloric, body-horror-rocking strangeness — imagine 30 minutes on mushrooms with loops of Leonard Cohen’s “The Future” in one ear, elec­tro remixes of Bauhaus’ “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” in the other and eyes glued to Bob Dylan’s Don’t Look Back on a blood-soaked screen.” – THE MONTREAL MIRROR

“After Live is a striking collection of dark, forward-thinking pop music that might just be his best work yet.” – 4/5 NOW MAGAZINE