PRINCE JOSH teams up with LA Timpa and Yves Jarvis on his new single ‘Blood’ streaming now via THE LINE OF BEST FIT SONG OF THE DAY and via CLASH MAGAZINE.

“they are two of my favourite contemporary artists. Yves Jarvis is my cousin and LA Timpa is a very close friend who I met during a crucial part of my life. I wanted to connect the dots between blood relatives and friends and what it means to be a ‘family.'” – Prince Josh

The trio carved an industrial trip-hop sound, whilst the vocals cut between Yves Jarvis’ lethargic drawl and Romy’s yearning falsetto. “What transpired that night is nothing short of a miracle, after editing the song down it was only fitting that I used an answering machine message I’d received from my other cousin Che Topsy (Yves Jarvis’ older brother) as the outro to the song.”

“Close collaborators LA Timpa and Yves Jarvis join proceedings, supplying creative inter-connections to take ‘Blood’ to a fresh space.” – CLASH

‘Blood’ is now available HERE and on all streaming platforms.
‘The Joy’ LP will be released March 6th via Hand Drawn Dracula.