PRAISES emerged at a time when BELIEFS co-front, Jesse Crowe, struggled to find an outlet to release their inner conversations into a public forum. Into a place where their creative outlet has evolved and spanned over a course of 4 EPs and a debut album, In This Year: Ten of Swords. Dark and theatrical, Crowe’s influences move through the hum of Rachel Goswell’s shoegazing, the drive of Patti Smith’s poetic delivery, blending the art-gloom of Beth Gibbons’ sultry jazz with Annie Lennox’ avant-gardism found on a “Night Full of Tension” and “Sweet Surprise.” A unique mixing which “makes Praises’ dark nights of the soul feel hypnotic, carving out territory between Bats for Lashes and Nick Cave’s Skeleton Key.” (Exclaim! Magazine)

On EP4, Praises pushes beyond their recent industrial synth-based offerings, incorporating the intensity of their highly regarded live performances with an intimate, collaborative and distanced songwriting process. EP4 was composed as a combination of two songs that never felt like they had a home until they were met with two new tracks formed in collaboration with producer, DJ, and performer Shortbloom (aka Sachin Mohindra). “In always admiring the work of Shortbloom, this moment without live music and without rehearsals has created the perfect time of digital collective music.” (Crowe)

In this “gruelling time of human reckoning,” the songs on EP4 grew slowly and reflective. One about the quieter moments of love in the storm of 2020 (Apples For My Love), one a vicious anti-trump / anti-American declaration (We Let Go), one a call of protest (Soil), and one a track about diaspora and war (A World On Fire). With these themes of mortality, identity, and love, Jesse Crowe’s 4th EP as Praises examines their recovery, strength, and their enduring lightness.

Additional distanced players include members of Chandra, Sauna, Blonde Elvis, For Jane, and Beliefs. The tracks were mixed by long time musical partner Josh Korody (Beliefs, Nailbiter, Breeze) at Toronto’s Candle Studio and mastered by Heather Kirby at Dreamlands.

Praises has nearly completed their full band sophomore album, In This Year: Hierophant (HDD093), to be announced soon. Hand Drawn Dracula is pleased to release Praises EP4 worldwide on August 5th, 2021.

“Toronto’s Praises Delivers EP of Woozy, Introspective Electronica – EP4” – XLR8R

“Dreamy vocals, pulsing rhythms, and eerie synths come together to create luxe but ominous atmospheres” – NEW & NOTABLE / DAILY BANDCAMP

“Heavily reverbed vocals, keys and percussion conjure minimalism and psychedelia in equal measure” – ESSENTIAL NEW RELEASES / EXCLAIM

“With ominous, pulsing instrumentals and shoegazey vocal lines, this ambient tune is definitely a must-listen.” – INDIE88

“15 August Albums You Need To Know About” – ET CANADA

“a welcome respite from the optimism of North America in 2021” – EARS TO FEED

“A World On Fire” radio premiere June 27th, 2021 – THE STROMBO SHOW

“experimental, post-punk/goth orchestral song feels like something straight out of a classic 1970s thriller” – BTR TODAY

INTERVIEW: In depth interview online & in print with the UK’s ASBO MAGAZINE

8/10 : “Crowe makes her dark nights of the soul feel hypnotic, carving out territory between Bats for Lashes and Nick Cave’s Skeleton Key. Bleak but vivid, there’s a power to its precision” – EXCLAIM!

4.5/5 – EDITORS PICK : “one of the most gorgeous and sorrowful records to have come out this year” – SPILL

“pretty freaking magical! Jesse Crowe’s voice is powerful and serene at the same time” – CVLT Nation

“For listeners willing to dive deep into Crowe’s world, the album functions well as a forced entry into darkness and unnamable despair” – SLUG Magazine

“Despite the dark times from which it was allegedly conceived, In This Year: Ten Of Swords is strangely, evocatively peaceful.” – NOW


PHOTO by Julia Wittmann
view : lo-res | hi-res

PHOTO by J.M. Ladd
view: view photo | high-res




1. Apples For My Love
2. We Let Go
3. Soil
4. A World On Fire

HDD082  · RELEASE DATE: August 5th, 2021

Written by Jesse Crowe
Engineered by Jesse Crowe and Julia Wittmann
Mixed by Josh Korody (Candle Studio)
Mastered by Heather Kirby (Dreamlands)

Jesse Crowe, Kristina Koski, Michael Boyd, Andrew Lacombe,
James Kearns, Julia Wittmann, Braeden Craig, Sachin Mohindra, Josh Korody


HDD075  · RELEASE DATE: January 10th, 2020

Written & Performed by Jesse Crowe
Produced by Josh Korody & Jesse Crowe
Engineered by Jesse Crowe
Mixed by Josh Korody
Mastered by Jesse F. Keeler
Photography by Michael J. Boyd
Design by James Mejia


In This Year: Ten of Swords

1. Love Unkind
2. All Demon’s Reign
3. Prey
4. Welcome Home
5. Run
6. Three of Swords
7. Anyone’s Anyone
8. C to C
9. Closer

HDD069  · RELEASE DATE: November 16, 2018

Pressed on 300 limited edition ultra clear base vinyl with black swirl, insert and black dust sleeve.

“The sound is dark and ominous with Crowe’s soft vocals heightening the haunting appeal – Genuine emotion is inspired through the invitation into such a personal and private musical expression in this album” – DISARM

“A dusky drama shimmering beneath synths sounds and a dark presence, the spectral, brand-new track is taken from Jesse Crowe’s forthcoming debut LP.” ~ THE AUTUMN ROSES

“Hear that emotional rawness translated into music” – EXCLAIM!

Written & Performed by Jesse Crowe. Produced by Josh Korody & Jesse Crowe. Engineered by Jesse Crowe. Mixed by Josh Korody. Mastered by Will Brodeur. Photography by Alex Grey. Design by James Mejia.


HDD062  · RELEASE DATE: December 29, 2017

PRAISES is the solo project of Beliefs co-founder Jesse Crowe. Following the world-wide critical acclaim of Beliefs and the release of her first EP1 as Praises, Jesse Recorded EP2 at Toronto’s Candle Recording Studio with co-producer Josh Korody (drums) and with Andrew Roy on bass, Robyn Phillips (Vallens) on guitar, and Laura Jane Beach on violin.

Recorded & Mixed by Josh Korody.
Written by Jessica Upton Crowe.
Produced by Josh Korody & Jessica Upton Crowe.
Mastered by Jason Fee.



1. Breathing In
2. Way Back When
3. The Devil
4. Confessor

HDD035  · RELEASE DATE: April 15, 2014

“quatre morceaux rendant grâce à son timbre de voix titillant celui d’une Patti Smith” – HARTZINE

“Crowe lets her cover slowly hit your core, like a couple extra shots of high-grade NyQuil” – EXCLAIM!

+ Warszawa (Japan) + Indienative (Japan) + PhotogMusic

Recorded by Josh Korody at Candle Recording Studio, Toronto. Written by Jessica Upton Crowe. Performed by Jessica, Josh, & Brock Edwards. Photo by Tess Parks. Design by James Mejia.

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