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FRESH SNOW premiere “I Am Smitten with Your Wrath” video via EXCLAIM! Magazine, produced and directed by Justin Chasty & Edward Eaglesham. Fresh Snow ONE LP available now on limited white vinyl: ORDER HERE.

05/27/17 Toronto ON : Open Door Festival @ 12pm R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant (Wavelength Photos)

FRESH SNOW premiere “THREE-WAY MIRROR” video via CLRVYNT with guest vocalist Mila Petkovic and starring Jesse (BELIEFS), Robyn (VALLENS), and Angie (ELSA). The video is the second instalment (see Vallens // Sin So Vain*) in a series directed by Christopher Mills for Hand Drawn Dracula. Fresh Snow ONE LP available now on limited white vinyl ORDER HERE.

“The cascading, ethereal track is anchored by a beautiful female vocal and a breathy French spoken section, before falling into a gorgeous lilt that nods to Depeche Mode, Slowdive and more” ~ CLRVYNT

May 5 – Toronto ON – The Garrison w/ Beams – Brokeback (Mem. of Tortoise)

FRESH SNOW unveil a psychedelic maze through their “I CAN’T DIE” video, directed by Benjamin Portas, premiere via AD HOC & featured on BOOOOOOOM  //  ONE LP out now via Hand Drawn Dracula (ORDER HERE)

“Hands and eyes whirl in surreal and vibrant landscapes until the song becomes centered around a slow bass line. The video has the same addictive and hypnotic effect of that Windows 95 screensaver maze. As geometric shapes pass through one another, it’s easy to let your mind sink into a meditative trance.” ~ AD HOC

“a digital shitshow of mutating eyes, planetary spheres and ritualistic activities, all presented through what seems like a ’90s VR filter” ~ EXCLAIM! MAGAZINE

Nov 11 // Toronto – The Baby G (Record Release Party)
Dec 03 // Montreal – La Vitrola

FRESH SNOW share “Three-Way Mirror” stream via FLOOD Magazine & land SONG OF THE DAY over at UK’s THE LINE OF BEST FIT.   New LP “ONE” out this Friday // PRE-ORDER LIMITED WHITE VINYL HERE.

“Insistent looping electronics build and evolve around a simple, yet hopeful piano melody. This gradually becomes less organic, twisting and contorting as layers of keyboards and squelching 8-bit synths pile up before giving way to simple handclaps and undulating bass. It’s a delicate and euphoric listen – deservedly our Song Of The Day.” ~ THE LINE OF BEST FIT

“an earnest, aching love song. “Je prends un rendezvous avec mon homme dans la cinquième dimension, et je me regarde pour la première fois” a female voice says – in lightly arpeggiating layers of piano, the sound cascading in a bright drizzle until, suddenly, we’re off, click-clacking up to speed and out into space. It’s a deft and affecting piece of music delivered with refreshing minimalism” ~ FLOOD MAGAZINE

“Great bands know how to challenge themselves while capitalizing on their strengths, and Fresh Snow have done exactly that” ~ EXCLAIM!

“Fresh Snow continues to be the breath of fresh air post-rock really needs” ~ GRAY OWL POINT

“Fresh Snow tune somehow crept under my skin – not unlike what some might hear in the Stranger Things soundtrack –
pulsing and throbbing, creating something altogether animal-istic” ~ AUSTIN TOWN HALL

“Fact is Fresh Snow excel at pretty well everything they try on” ~ RIDE THE TEMPO

ONE is an incredibly wide-ranging beast, with each track mastering a different form,
texture or genre while still keeping a core focus” ~ METHODS UNSOUND

FRESH SNOW premiere another track from their brand new album “ONE” (9/9) // Stream “January Skies” via CLASH (UK). PRE-ORDER limited white vinyl via HERE.

“Fresh Snow seem to have returned from the wilds of Canada with their most visceral, immediate, and engrossing record yet – Epic musicianship that looks out towards the extremes” ~ CLASH

FRESH SNOW premiere their track “I Can’t Die” via the good people at THE FADER.
“ONE” LP is out September 9th in limited white vinyl and available for PRE-ORDER.

“I CAN’T DIE Is Eternally Menacing Krautrock – a classic krautrock marathon morphs into something sacred with the introduction of an Italian boy’s choir and church organ, and closes with warm psychedelic trails” ~ THE FADER

09/22/16 Toronto ON : Small World Music Festival – Ontario Place w/ Wally Badarou
09/10/16 Hamilton ON : Supercrawl – Baltimore House w/ Not Of, Several Futures, Nailbiter

FRESH SNOW perform “January Skies” live for EXCLAIM! TV ~ from their second full-length album “ONE” ~ available September 9th, 2016 via Hand Drawn Dracula on limited white vinyl // PRE-ORDER HERE

“The genre-jumping quartet let their imaginations run wild with their cosmic, electronic-based music, focusing heavily on ambience and groove – another awe-inspiring performance” ~ EXCLAIM! TV

FRESH SNOW premiere “King Twink Rides Again” video, from WON EP, via FLOOD. EXCLAIM, MARVIN.

“One truly instrumental highlight of that EP was the epic “King Twink Rides Again,” ~ the experimental cut-up experience—made by Craig Orrett and Sturdy Films—is a beautiful traverse through woods, streams, and states of mind.” – FLOOD

02/19/16 Toronto ON : Endless City Gallery w/ Blue Light, Andrew Roy

Hand Drawn Dracula & Moog Audio Presents a weekend of experimental sound and visuals
in a pop up gallery space (1161 Dundas St W, Toronto ON)  8PM / $10 Door  // FACEBOOK EVENT

Fresh Snow /// guest Carmen Elle (DIANA)
Andrew Roy /// of Etiquette
Blue Light /// of Crosss, Shønsee

Rhythms and Drones … Nailbiter Collaborations aka Josh Korody Birthday Extravaganza
/// Set 1 Nailbiter w/ Shønsee (Ami and Scarlett)
/// Set 2 Nailbiter w/ Simone (Darlene Shrugg), Mike (Fake Palms), and Shehzaad (Greys)
DJ Coarse Language

/// poster MEJIA DESIGN


“The mutant krautrock epic levitates beyond the 10-minute mark and is bludgeoned by steamroller vocals courtesy of Fucked Up’s Damian Abraham” – UNDER THE RADAR

The “appropriately disorienting” video was directed by Ghostprom, who also directed the “Proper Burial” video. FRESH SNOW’s new mini-album “WON” is available now in the HDD STORE on Premium Digital and Limited Edition White Vinyl.

FRESH SNOW shares “Don’t Fuck A Gift Horse In The Mouth” (Feat. Fucked Up’s Damian Abraham) stream on CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND, STEREOGUM, and EXCLAIM! WON limited white vinyl – BUY HERE
“close to 11 minutes in length, with the arrangement based around an insistent, fuzzy rock groove. It takes a dreamy turn a few minutes in, but the peace is interrupted when Abraham begins screaming bloody murder” – EXCLAIM!

“The 10-minute opus opens with clamoring drums and a methodical bass line curling up against synthesizer stutters. It’s a patient song, slowly building with layers of fuzz and locking into a groove. – It’s a powerful epic, contorting between psych meltdowns and post-rock sincerity.” – CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND

“And now, the motherlode. Fresh Snow have shared an enormous 11-minute monolith that comes bearing the generally amazing title “Don’t Fuck A Gift Horse In The Mouth.”” – STEREOGUM

“Top 10 Songs Of The Week ~ File it next to Deafheaven under “screams to cry to.”” – CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND
09/09 Toronto, ON – Smiling Buddah w/ Carl Didur, Zones, Nailbiter
09/11 Hamilton, ON – Baltimore House (Supercrawl) w/ Chastity, Vallens, WISH, Beliefs, Doomsquad, Moon King
09/16 Montreal, QC – O Patro Vys (POP Montreal) w/ Etiquette, Vallens, WISH, Beliefs