PRINCE JOSH is back with the the title track from his upcoming album Moth, set for release August 25th via Hand Drawn Dracula. Working with award winning producer Jim Anderson (Moby, Mark Ronson, Massive Attack) and Joel Ford (Oneohtrix Point Never, Jacques Greene, Com Truise), Moth marks a stylistic shift from McIntyre’s hazy lo-fi take on dance music to a crisp three dimensional sound rooted in an early trip hop that could be found on a “Late Night Tales” compilation.

Having hit a wall trying to find material to sample, McIntyre started writing full songs with the intention of ripping them apart to create something new. The idea evolved into a process of recording two separate works for each track and piecing them together into a much larger musical puzzle. The track was written in the slow moving summer of the Arizona desert with limited resources for recording samples. Experimenting with marbles falling, a bowl filled with nails and water splashing, resulted in a score for a futuristic rave set in a desert wasteland.

“Time seemed to move slowly in the desert and I was able to focus and spend time on the tiniest of details in this track,” McIntyre explains. The song samples everything from marbles falling off a table, filling a bowl with nails and splashing water. Working entirely on my laptop I had to use the limited resources I had around me to create sounds. The end result sounds like a bad trip in a desert wasteland.”